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Location ( From The Green Zhurga ): 1.5 Km, about 3 minutes drive.

Legend: A: The Green Zhurga Suites, B: Metis Bali Restaurant


Treat yourself to an entirely sensory experience. Sample a symphony of flavorful wit. Enjoy a welcome reprieve overlooking beautiful Bali rice fields.

Chef Nicolas ‘Doudou’ Tourneville, formerly of Kafe Warisan , brings his legendary talent and culinary artistry to the table with a masterful combination of French Mediterranean cuisine.

Flawless service in one of Bali’s most elegantly sophisticated settings is just the beginning of this seduction into the depths of the five senses. MÉTIS is as fresh and sumptuous as the cuisine that graces its tables.


Potent elixirs and exclusive collections of wines from all across the world is just the beginning of the drink experience at MÉTIS. Enjoy specialty wines by the glass or bottle, or classic and original cocktails. Savor a special menu of ‘petit plats’ while listening to hand-picked selections of world beats from top DJs.

Feel the seductive energy of duo lounges while overlooking the rice fields from the terrace and veranda levels. Chill out on the comfort of overstuffed chairs on the sexy terrace lounge while tuning into the upbeat vibe from the full bar downstairs. Or tuck away at the seductive upstairs veranda lounge with a glass of pinot or expertly-mixed cocktail. On an island where people-watching is a leisure sport, these cozy nooks are the perfect area to relax with friends. Tres magnifique!

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A classically-trained French chef, Chef Nicolas ‘Doudou’ Tourneville passion for painting savory landscapes on a plate began at the age of 15 with his first apprenticeship. Shortly thereafter, he graduated from the renowned Cooking School of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry at age 17 moved to England and cooked for intimate restaurants and small private castles.

During his tenure at the French Embassy, he made lunch for the Queen Mother. Tourneville’s French military service was spent as the private chef for an admiral and the French Foreign Ministry was impressed enough to send him to Algeria, as the Head Chef to the French Embassy. He then ventured to the French Embassy in Jakarta. During a trip to Bali, Chef Tourneville fell in love with the island and, fortuitously, noticed that there were no restaurants serving French cuisine. It was then he and fellow Chef Said Alem, began to paint a new French restaurant landscape. Swiftly Kafe Warisan became one of the island’s favorite restaurants, and world-renown for consistently excellent cuisine. Chef Nicolas ‘Doudou’ Tourneville life-long journey comes full circle with the opening of MÉTIS.


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