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Location ( From The Green Zhurga ): 3.8 Km, about 10 minutes drive.

Legend: A: The Green Zhurga Suites, B: Ku De Ta Oberoi Bali

KU DE TA – Oberoi, Seminyak.

Ku De Ta is gorgeous even while it was raining. The bar is dark and mysterious… Fancy cocktails were going at 110’000 Rupiahs (dirt cheap!! compared to Perth/Singapore) which is equivalent to approximately AUD 11. We had suchhh a good time trying out as many cocktails as we could.

The first round of drinks were Grilled Pineapple & Black Pepper and the kdt espresso cocktail. I expected a spiciness from the black pepper but instead all I got from it was a tickle at the back of my throat from drinking it. It also had a nice sour flavour around it – nothing too strong.

When the espresso cocktail came, the first thing I thought of was ‘ Fats galore! ‘ judging from the thick layer of cream. Even more surprising then, when I took a gulp was that it turned out to be passionfruit foam! The coffee was beautiful.

We were finally seated at the restaurant which was a contrast to the bar. Everything was white, light with wooden panelling. I love the architectural work on this one!

Now for the interesting bit – the food!!

My starter was a suckling pig terrine. I nearly cried tears of joy as I ate this. The perfectly toasted baguette and the melt in your mouth pork produced a soft creamy tenderness on your tongue. I can never reproduce this. How did they even slice this so thinly? You cannot pick a whole slice up without breaking it into a million pieces! The cornichon (a fancy name for the humble gherkin) relish went really well too!

Jay had the white rabbit & shallot ragout served over hand cut pappardelle and topped with pancetta crisps. The white rabbit is cooked with green olive and parmesan. The pappardelle resisted against my teeth and the large shreds of white rabbit filled with creamy juices with olive and parmesan made me a very happy person.

More Cocktails! Jay was about to order the earl grey martini when the waiter told him it is a GIRL’S DRINK! HAHAHA. He ordered a watermelon and mint martini instead. It reminds me of the juice I drink when I am in the Pearl Room at Burswood. Haha Look at Jay counting his money – perhaps we have to make a run?

I went for a champagne based cocktail this time: Hibiscus and strawberry Bellini. Doesn’t it sound gloriously exotic! They made the hibiscus syrup themselves – didn’t feel the muddled strawberries though!

Jay’s main was the herb crusted coral trout. The champagne sauce was light and creamy yet packed like an essence of fish. The fish was flaky but too cooked for my liking. The herb crust has a good combination of crunch and softness. The tomatoes were roasted with a chewier skin tasting like it was candied. Very good. The saffron potatoes were steamed and gorgeous. I need to eat saffron potatoes again…

I had the slow roasted ‘brick’ lamb shoulder. It was beautiful – so tender. Apparently it was braised first and then roasted hence the tenderness of the meat. On the side are garlic greens and a potato fennel and rosemary galette. It was topped with tomato relish.

My Earl Grey Martini which I ordered so Jay can try SOME. It didn’t taste girly at all – rather strong in fact. It has egg white in it hence the colour/texture.

Oh Dessert… We were so full so we decided to share a dessert. Turns out Daddy is right that no matter how full you are, there is always room for dessert. Presenting the Pina Colada aka Kudeta’s contribution to amazing desserts on Earth!

This is some rum foam over pineapple sorbet over pineapple confit that tasted like mousse (gorgeous). Beside it is a coconut cake topped with pine nut cream. The ‘biscuits’ around are coconut macaroons. So beautiful… everything was perfect. The coconut cake was dense, the pineapple sorbet tasted like pineapple ice dust and melted as such. Even the macaroons were good!

Have I mentioned how much I love entertainment?? I love it especially in the form of magic tricks that are actually astounding. A magician came by and did the most amazing tricks – I loved it! I giggled and giggled non stop – such joy. ­čÖé

After dinner, we went back to the bar where we drank until 1am. We had many more drinks but I gave up on taking pictures. Here’s a beautiful one though, the lychee and rose martini. I had to have two!


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