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Location ( From The Green Zhurga ): 3.5 Km, about 6 minutes drive.

Legend: A: The Green Zhurga Suites, B: Bali Deli Seminyak

BEYOND THE DESSERT – the future of Bali Deli

In striving to be a market leader in the Gourmet Supermarket Industry, Bali Deli has created a pioneer supermarket concept which maintains standards of quality for all products and services, while adding new locations within Indonesia.

This planned regional expansion is an integral part of the company’s growth strategy which will see an expansion of business with the opening of at least 5 outlets in Jakarta, Balikpapan and Surabaya.

The ingredients of Bali Deli.
BALI DELI – ORIGINS – A delicious first course
The name Bali Deli originates from its location and type of business, and began its operation on 6th April 2003, situated on Jl. Kunti 117 X, Seminyak in the heart of a conglomeration of villa residences, restaurants and tourist retail shops.

The holding company, PT Bali Deli Indonesia invested its capital into establishing a niche market up-scale retail supermarket predominately catering for expatriate clientele. This original market segment was 95% expatriates, those who permanently live in Bali or visit on a regular basis due to owning a second home, and tourists staying in the local area. However as Bali Deli became more well known the market mix changed with more Balinese and Jakarta visitors now enjoying Bali Deli as their preferred shopping, meeting and dining venue. Predominantly, the upper class tourist and residential expatriate community have longed for finer quality consumables, which only Bali Deli can supply.

Bali Deli boutique supermarket provides mostly high quality imported delicatessen products from Europe, Australia, USA and Asia such as cheeses, meats, vegetables, confectionery, cereals, sauces, wines and other favorite products that are difficult to buy in Indonesia. These exclusive quality products help to firmly establish Bali Deli as a prestigious first choice outlet for the consumers, and with an extensive array exceeding 12,000 items the pioneer spirit of innovation and customer care is on display for all to see.

Customers can rely on professional and knowledgeable staff to assist in purchasing their produce with advice on the different ranges of goods available, in particular the deli items which can be customized to the individual needs of the customer. Further more we have a well trained team of Public relations Staff who are hands – on in their approach to customer servicing, catering to all requests. For those who appreciate quality and choice as a way to enhance their lifestyle, Bali Deli opens up a whole world of endless delights and pleasure.

Bali Deli also provides extensive children’s activities and is child friendly in providing play areas in Bali and special children’s trolleys and toys making Bali Deli a family shopping experience. Catering to children’s nutritional needs Bali Deli also provides a choice of Kid’s food and drinks which is designed to introduce them to different taste experiences.

With on-site kitchens, Bali Deli provides both take-away and delivery services from the Store and the Restaurants as well as catering and Bakery delivery service to Hotels, Villas and Private residences.

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A good life, as we know, cannot be completed without the pleasure of fine eating. Celebrated gourmet shoppers’ paradise in Seminyak, Bali Deli, recognizes your appreciation of the finer things in life, which is why they continually seek ways to enhance your lifestyle when it comes to shopping for food.

Since its expansion one year ago, Bali Deli proudly presents the largest and most comprehensive selection of fresh delicatessen items in Bali (and perhaps in Indonesia!), as well as a vast array of gourmet imported foods and selected quality wines. There is an extensive and exceptional fresh fruit and vegetable section, a large wine cellar with monthly promotional offers and staff in the know, and a bakery that is producing fresh bread and delicious patisseries around the clock.

Thus, whether your search is in regards to your beloved’s favourite Swiss chocolate, fresh dairy products for breakfast, or simply a decent bottle of wine for that special meal; Bali Deli is the answer. Come in for an exciting and mouth-watering shopping spree, or order food and beverage items directly from Bali Deli’s restaurant, delicatessen or bakery to the privacy of your own home or business.


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